Producer, Singer & Songwriter
Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Listen to Debut Single GOLDLINE, Out Now.

Debut Single Release: August 4, 2019


GOLDLINE is the debut release of Melbourne-based artist Brodie, and first in a series of singles through the back half of 2019. Mixed and mastered by L.A based engineer Tristan Hoogland (Hayden James, Golden Vessel, Touch Sensitive), GOLDLINE is the first of many daring steps for Brodie, and is available for immediate release on all platforms.

“I primarily wanted this song to scan as stream of consciousness as it came together in a hyperactive burst of productivity; like an encroaching sense of fatalism from reading ream after ream of climate data tucked within a last-ditch sexually charged daydream. Something about the chord progression as it plummets like entropy then attempts to claw its way back up felt relevant and resonated emotionally with me at the time”.

- Brodie, 2019


BRODIE, the middle name of 29-year-old Melbourne-based musical multi-hyphenate Nicholas Gray enjoys revelling in growing pains.  Writing, singing, recording and producing music from the age of 24, the last few years have been a flurry of artistic, technical and emotional developments for the emerging artist. The pop leaning, hip-hop informed debut details a dark, dense and melancholic stream of conscious rumination on the fatalism of love, lensed through the metaphor of deep-earth drilling and mining.

Feeling constrained by the navel-gazing nihilism and digital anxiety of the 2010’s, the Melbourne native set artistic parameters moving forward that encapsulate how the 2020’s to him could sound, feel and look. Human connections, socio-political accountability, positivity and digital integration are all core tenements and recurrent themes; themes signalling the arrival of a unique and fresh new voice in the world of music.